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Originating from Makassar, South Sulawesi, Travelist is a company that has a vision to become a travel company that can make trips to dream destinations safely, comfortably, and fun at home or abroad. Therefore, to increase the trust of prospective customers, of course this company needs a website that can introduce more about this company. With this website, travelists provide opportunities for customers to be able to see photos, videos and price lists for a trip.

Month / Year: May, 2020

Project Partner: Skena Wahana Kreatif

Services: Company Profile, Responsive Web Design, Web Cache, Maintenance, Photo and Video Gallery

Method: Listen and Research, Define, Ideate, UI Design

Tools: Wordpress, Elementor Builder

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what problem

Create a website that can be accessed easily by potential users

Provide opportunities for prospective customers to understand about the journey they will enjoy

Bring the beauty of the point of interest through an interesting photo and video gallery

Increase brand awareness for more people to be able to use travel services

how the process

Listen and Research

I started working on this project when I got a brief from the project partner, SKENA Wahana Kreatif. In this brief, I can’t get much data, because the client only provides a few assets that must be uploaded to the website, such as the company logo, some travel photos and videos that they have. To add some data to create a website, I use other social media to look for it, for example, like Instagram and Facebook from this company. I do research, because the client can only provide the purpose of this website, whereas to achieve this goal we must have some sufficient data.


-Problem Statement
How do we create a travel agent website that provides clear explanations to potential customers?

-User Personas
When I tried to look at their Instagram photo tag section, I found that the clients of this company are:

  • Family group aged 27-40 years and over
  • Group of students who like photos and natural scenery
  • Loved the atmosphere from the sea, cliffs and mountains

This is a sitemap example, before i start to develop this website. Look simple, but its help me to build this website more easily


-Style Guide


In this project, I use 2 types of logos provided by this company. I use a rounded logo for the header and a full logo for the footer

-Color Palette

This color palette is the result of my explorations on Travelist social media and the photos given to me. At first I was confused about choosing a suitable color combination to describe this company, but I got the idea when I saw some photos that had lots of beach and sun shades. Finally I tried to take navy which is the base color of the company logo and use orange to represent the sun. These two colors are the main colors that can be found on this website


In the font section, I decided to use 2 types of fonts, namely Playfair Display and Cabin. The reason I use Playfair Display is because this font looks elegant, beautiful and dynamic. I remember that the clients of this company are mostly family groups, so I use a font that matches that persona. Then in the second font, I use cabin, which is a font for the paragraphs and titles on this website. The reason for using cabin is because it can support the main font and also has a neat and attractive shape

Final result

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